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Tivat (Serbian Tivat, Italian Theodo, Greek Thiodhos) is a city in Montenegro. Located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea. The city is located on the peninsula of Vrmac, on the southern slope of the same mountain range.

Presumably, Tivat was founded in the III century BC. e. It is believed that the name of the city came from the name of the Illyrian Queen Teuta.

In the Middle Ages, the fertile lands around Tivat belonged to the patrician families of Kotor, who acquired large estates here.

In the 14th-15th centuries Tivat was an important religious center, since the residence of the Orthodox metropolitan Zeta was located in the monastery of Michael Archangel, located on the Island of Flowers near the city (the so-called Miholska Prevlaka).

Since 1420, Tivat, like many other towns of Boka Kotorska, has become part of the Venetian Republic as part of the province of Albania Veneta under the Italian name Theodo.

In subsequent centuries, Tivat's fate did not differ from the fate of the entire Boka Kotorska - Venetian domination until 1797, a brief period of French rule in the Illyrian provinces, Austrian domination until 1918, Yugoslavia's incorporation into its disintegration. Currently, the city is part of modern Montenegro.