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Montenegro has a rapidly growing tourism industry, which makes it an ideal investment opportunity right now. The government has a tourism plan for 2007-2020, which includes the development of high-end hotels, golf courses, and a number of other luxurious facilities in an attempt to attract more affluent tourists. The property prices in Montenegro are still fairly modest due to the fact that there is not much awareness about the country just yet, which is good news for more early-moving investors. The economy is expanding, with an expectation that it grows about 3.3 percent in 2018.

The lack of restriction on foreign buyers is another thing that makes Montenegro such an attractive investment opportunity. The only restriction in place is on land, which must be bought by foreigners through a registered company. Once they have completed any building they want to do on the land, they can transfer ownership through a very simple process. Foreign buyers will be granted a residency permit automatically upon purchasing property, no matter its value, which is just one more thing that makes purchasing in this country so attractive. Essentially, foreign investors are treated the same as locals when it comes to purchasing real estate and/or setting up businesses. There are no limits on the property size and the investor can be of any nationality. The experience itself is enhanced by the fact that there is very little red tape when it comes to the registration of the real estate. The whole process will take only a few days.

In addition to the simple processes and lack of restrictions, the location itself is very beautiful. It is no wonder it has become such a tourist attraction as of late. As the Montenegro government continues to proceed with their tourism growth plans and the country increases in popularity, it is only going to become that much more of a worthwhile investment, especially if you’ve gotten in early. Home prices are expected to rise in the near future as tourism grows. Attractions are going up all over the place in attempts to attract tourists, so it is a good idea to take advantage now. The growing number of attractions and the increased popularity will increase the number of people wanting to reside permanently in Montenegro as well, so demand is going to go up as well.

Whether looking to relocate, invest in real estate or start your own business in Montenegro, now is the time. The country is growing and improving, but prices are still moderate and attractive as everything is still in the fairly early stages.