Nice house at the Lustica peninsula

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Property type:

105 000 Lot: D2-874
Modern renovation
Type of house
Distance to sea
1.0 km
Alex manager


For sale a cozy house with an total area of 130 sqm, on a plot of 200 sqm. The house has two floors, the layout of the floors is the same: large living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom. Zanica beach is one kilometer away.

Great offer, both for living and for renting.

Lustica - is one of the most sparsely populated places in Montenegro. Green hills with olive groves, thickets of pomegranate and short oak, an abundance of birds and animals, here you can feel alone with nature. Here the sea breeze of the Adriatic Sea and the mountain air from the mountain range Lovchen  mix, stunning panoramic views, unspoilt beaches in picturesque bays, excellent fishing and diving in the beautiful lagoons leave unforgettable impressions. Small picturesque villages with ancient windmills and wineries, where you can always taste homemade wine and food, hospitable hosts, ancient churches and temples from the first Slavic settlements, medieval Austrian forts, all this creates an interesting atmosphere for walks in this picturesque area, where time stands still ...




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